Advances in Contemporary Nursing

Advances in Contemporary Nursing

ISSN 1832-9861
Editor-in-Chief: Debra Jackson
Annual Boxed Set of four special issues of Contemporary Nurse ISSN 1037-6178

Advances in Contemporary Nursing 2008 volumes 9 - 12

Volume 12: Advances in Contemporary Nursing: History of Nursing and Midwifery in Australasia
(Contemporary Nurse Vol 30/2)
Edited by Colin Holmes
The history of nursing and midwifery in Australia, New Zealand and adjacent areas remains largely unexplored and unwritten. Since the principal ‘product’ of historical research is greater understanding, it is likely to be further marginalized as academic institutions increasingly focus on research income and marketable outputs. For many individuals, therefore, studying the history of nursing and midwifery is a labour of love, over and above their normal workload.

Volume 11: Advances in Contemporary Transcultural Nursing (2nd edn)
(Contemporary Nurse Vol 28/1-2)
Edited by Akram Omeri and Marilyn M McFarland

Volume 10: Advances in Contemporary Palliative and Supportive Care
(Contemporary Nurse Vol 27/1)
Edited by Annete F Street, Carol Tishelman, Jeanine Blackford and Joakim Öhlén

Volume 9: Advances in Contemporary Aged Care: Retirement to End of Life
(Contemporary Nurse Vol 26/2)
Edited by Margaret McMillan and Isabel Higgins

Advances in Contemporary Nursing 2007 volumes 5 - 8

Volume 8: Advances in Contemporary General Practice Nursing: Role of the Practice Nurse
(Contemporary Nurse Vol 26/1)
Edited by Patricia M Davidson, Elizabeth J Halcomb and Elizabeth Patterson, this issue is a platform for discussion and debate of the role of nursing in primary care in both collaborative and independent settings.

Volume 7: Advances in Nurse Recruitment & Retention
(Contemporary Nurse Vol 24/2)
Edited by Jane Conway and Margaret McMillan, this issue addresses Recruitment and Retention; Education and Training for Workforce Development; Skill Mix in Context; and Quality and Risk Management in workplaces under the theme of human capacity building. It includes case studies, literature review, discussions of appropriate methodology, research articles, and scholarly opinion pieces.

Volume 6: Advances in Contemporary Community & Family Health Care
(Contemporary Nurse Vol 23/2)
Edited by Debra Jackson and Philip Darbyshire, this issue is grouped into three sections, with over 20 peer reviewed articles addressing social and cultural issues; understanding parenting; and supporting families in the provision of family and community health care. In a changing social and cultural environment expanded roles and responsibilities of health care providers at the family and community level are examined.

Volume 5: Advances in Contemporary Indigenous Health Care
(Contemporary Nurse Vol 22/2)
Edited by Eileen Willis, Vicki Smye and Maria Rameka, this issue focuses on building Indigenous health capacity through examining the roles of current community, traditional, social, clinical and nursing practices in Australia, New Zealand and North America, as well as historical constraints and opportunities. Approaches to partnerships, self management and/or best practice in mental health/wellness in the community, as well as diabetes, cardiac and other clinical practice areas are presented and compared across Pacific Rim countries.

Advances in Contemporary Nursing 2006 volumes 1 - 4

Volume 4: Advances in Contemporary Nursing & Interpersonal Violence
(Contemporary Nurse 21/2)
Edited by Anne McMurray and Debra Jackson, this issue provides leading opinion pieces, reviews, new research and policy perspectives on intimate partner violence and workplace violence, its impacts on nurses, their families and the community.

Volume 3: Advances in Contemporary Mental Health Nursing
(Contemporary Nurse Vol 21/1)
Edited by Nicholas G Procter and Barbara E Wolfe, this specially commissioned issue considers mental health nursing from consumer, nursing practice and community health perspectives. It concludes with new models of care, recommendations for nurse education, workplace training, and delivery of community mental health care.

Volume 2: Advances in Contemporary Child & Family Health Care
(Contemporary Nurse Vol 18/1-2)
Edited by Philip Darbyshire and Debra Jackson, this issue focuses on building family health capacity through examining the roles of community nurse and parental care givers, their current practices, constraints and new opportunities. Over 20 articles by leading Australian and New Zealand child and family health researchers address pressing issues in paediatric and adolescent health, family health care and community health practice.

Volume 1: Advances in Contemporary Transcultural Nursing
(Contemporary Nurse Vol 15/3)
Edited by John Daly and Debra Jackson (Foreword by Olga Kanitsaki) with eighteen articles, case studies and editorials providing a reminder of the moral importance of care as a universal but culturally constructed service at the heart of nursing education and practice. Grouped into four parts, articles address the impact of globalisation on nursing education, delivery of culturally competent care, Indigenous health, and migration impacts on cardiovascular and mental health.